Teacher Training

Learn about the needs of children living with type 1 diabetes.

Take advantage of the resources designed to assist teachers and school staff to understand and manage the needs of children with type 1 diabetes.
The Diabetes in Schools website contains nationally consistent training and resources aimed at equipping schools and school staff with the skills
and knowledge necessary to care for students with type 1 diabetes.

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Diabetes Teacher Training Seminars

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Diabetes Teacher Training Seminars


Diabetes Teacher Training Seminars

Diabetes Teacher Training Seminars are back! They have been re-named ‘Diabetes in Schools L2 Group Education’ and are being held in various locations. Please contact the NSW/ACT Diabetes in Schools State Coordinator at NSW-ACT@diabetesinschools.com.au to find out when one is happening near you.

The Diabetes in Schools website offers free online training and resources to all schools and school staff; go to diabetesinschools.com.au to register and complete the online training. The program offers free Q&A Webinars to those who have completed the online training. Please email us for more information and to find out the dates of the next webinars.

Do you require immediate support or have urgent questions? The NDSS helpline can be contacted on 1800 637 700.

Diabetes NSW & ACT is pleased to announce with the support of the NDSS the roll out of the Diabetes in Schools online training.

Diabetes and Schools Webinars


Diabetes and Schools Webinars

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