Paying tribute to Diabetes Super SHEroes this World Diabetes Day

This World Diabetes Day, November 14, we’re paying tribute to Australia’s Diabetes Super SHEroes. That is all the women and girls who live with diabetes, their carers, health professionals involved in their treatment, researchers, their families, friends and supporters.

CEO of Diabetes NSW & ACT Sturt Eastwood said, “There are currently 600,281 Australian women and girls living with diabetes and more than 207,000 live in NSW and the ACT. That is a significant number of women dealing with the challenges of diabetes every day.”

Diabetes and its complications is now the ninth leading cause of death for women globally. Gestational Diabetes Melitus (GDM) is also on the rise, affecting nearly one in every seven pregnancies. More than 100 Australian women are diagnosed with GDM every day and there are currently 38,000 managing the condition during their pregnancy.

Thirty seven percent of all Australian women with GDM live in NSW and the ACT, with particularly high rates of incidence across the Sydney metropolitan area, the South Coast and Canberra and its surrounds.

“Women with GDM have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life, so it’s important that we improve the care and education they receive to ensure the best outcomes for both the mother and child.” said Mr Eastwood.

“Living with diabetes can be challenging and impact an individual’s quality of life. This World Diabetes Day we’re shining a light some of the impacts for women and paying tribute to the Super SHEroes who use their inner strength to the ride the ups and downs of diabetes,” said Sturt.

Maria Dent who lives with her family Western Sydney definitely meets this criteria. A registered nurse and mother, Maria cares for three daughters aged from 8 – 15, who all live with type 1 diabetes.

“To say the diagnosis was a shock is an understatement. Our whole world changed the very instant I was told they all had type 1 diabetes. The first 12 months following their diagnosis was extremely intense. I could never have imagined the level of daily care my girls required, from the regular injections to the constant monitoring,” Maria said.

Inspired by her daughters’ positive attitudes, Maria has become a true advocate for type 1 diabetes.

“This has been a challenging journey for us all, but I have learnt the importance of resilience and never giving up hope. And through undertaking studies next year in the field of Diabetes Management I hope to further educate myself and others,” said Maria.

To nominate your Diabetes Super SHEro head to Diabetes NSW & ACT Facebook page

If you are looking for information or support in managing your diabetes call Diabetes NSW & ACT on 1300 342 238

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