New resources to tackle type 1 diabetes

Diabetes NSW & ACT announced today that it is adding a new suite of animations to its innovative As1 Diabetes program to help children, families and schools manage the daily challenges of living with type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic condition in children. The peak age for diagnosis is between 10-14 years of age and there are currently 3,500 children and their families living with the condition across NSW and the ACT.

CEO, Diabetes NSW & ACT, Sturt Eastwood said “Type 1 diabetes is a complex condition that can be difficult to explain to children. The new As1 Diabetes animations have been designed using language and concepts that kids can relate to, so they understand how diabetes is affecting their body and what they need to do to manage it. The animations will also help parents, family members, friends and teachers better understand and manage the condition.”

The management of type 1 diabetes requires the regular monitoring of bold glucose levels, the administration of insulin as well as monitoring diet and activity levels. Type 1 diabetes can cause disabilities or even be fatal if not effectively managed.

“When a child is first diagnosed with diabetes it can be really daunting. There is a lot of information that the child and their carers need to take in to manage the condition well. That’s why resources like the As1 Diabetes program that educate and enable children and those looking after them, are so vital,” said Sturt.

The As1 Diabetes animations were developed with the financial support of the Sydney Local Health District, Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) and Novo Nordisk.

“I would like to thank each of the organisations who have contributed to the As1 Diabetes program and resources. Their generosity is adding to diabetes education and will make a huge difference to children, families and schools across NSW and the ACT,” said Mr Eastwood.

In addition to the new animations, the As1 Diabetes program offers a range of resources to help children, families and schools confidently manage the day to day needs of the condition, including:

  • ‘School Education Information’ packs to assist parents, teachers and children in the management of diabetes.
  • The As1 website,, a dedicated platform for children, parents, teachers and carers to source information about managing diabetes including school action plans and webinars.
  • Diabetes Teacher Training Seminars to help teachers and school staff deal with day-today management of diabetes and emergency situations.
  • As1 Kids magazine an interactive and engaging publication to help kids learn about their diabetes.
  • Diabetes Carer Training to give baby-sitters, grandparents and family members the skills they need to effectively and safely manage and support a child living with type 1 diabetes in their care.

Sturt said “The As1 Diabetes Program is making a difference for kids, parents and teachers across NSW and the ACT who are dealing with the challenges of managing type 1 diabetes every day. In the twelve months since the launch we have distributed 1000 School Education Information Packs and delivered Teacher Training to over 300 teachers from 143 schools across the states”.

Click here to view the As1 Diabetes animations.

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