Sarah sparkles with the diamonds!

Twenty-four-year-old Sarah Klau, originally from Adelaide, started playing netball at the age of eight. She began her professional career with the Adelaide Thunderbirds before taking up a spot with the NSW Swifts. This  month she will be playing with the Australian Diamonds at the Netball World Cup in the UK!

“Being selected for the Netball World Cup is my greatest sporting achievement,” Sarah told As1kids. “The World Cup is one of the highest and largest events for netball, and it’s the first time I will be representing Australia.”

At 190cm she’s a perfect fit for the position of goalkeeper. And recently being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes won’t stop her from achieving her goals.


Fast five questions with Sarah

1. What’s your go-to hypo treatment?
Usually jellybeans, but at netball training they often have lollies and apricot squares on standby, which I sometimes resort to. I’m always open to change!

2. Do you use needles or a pump?
Being newly-diagnosed (February), I’m still learning how to use the needles, which has been working for me. The pump is something I might use later on when I’m not so heavily involved in sport. I don’t feel particularly comfortable being attached to something just yet, but I will look into it down the track.

3. What’s the hardest part about having diabetes?
Having to constantly think about what my levels are, and carb counting, is quite mentally draining. I’m getting more confident but sometimes stress, hormones and exercise impact my levels despite the same routine. This can be confusing and frustrating.

4. How do you feel when you have a hypo?
Jittery, shaky, and lightheaded.

5. What’s your number one wish?
To show others that it’s possible to do the things you enjoy most, despite having diabetes. And to travel the world and live a long and happy life!


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