My name is Emily and I am 9½ years old. I was diagnosed when I was 4 years old. I first went to DiaBuddies Camp when I was almost 5.

This year my mum and I went to camp again in the July school holidays. We went for three days.

We arrived on the Tuesday and checked in, I got a blue wristband and folder. This told me I would be in the blue group. Mum and I found our dorm and set up our beds and headed back to the main hall to meet up with the rest of my group. I quickly met Emily, Evelyn and Elizabeth. We had great fun spending the next three days together!

Our first activity was archery, then low ropes and finally arts and crafts. We decorated a mug, a hat and a pot to bring home. Then we had afternoon tea and free time – and I got my CGM! After dinner we watched a movie (mum had some free time to catch up with the other parents that had come along to camp with their kids) and finally off to bed!

Wednesday was full of more activities – jumping castles, face painting, learning some tips about hypos and how to manage them, and much more. The day finished off with another movie and finally we fell into bed – what a great day!!

“I had a great time at camp, hanging out with new friends for the three days!“

Thursday was our last day. We had a couple of activities in the morning and before we knew it, it was time to head home. I had a great time at camp, hanging out with new friends for the three days! I’m hoping to see them again at the JDRF One Walk in December.

I liked camp because I got to meet other people with diabetes and learn more about diabetes too. My favourite part of camp was making new friends who have diabetes.

I felt happy at camp because I don’t usually see other people with diabetes and it was a great experience being surrounded by them. I hardly saw mum at all because her brain was also getting a diabetes work out with lots of information seminars to attend. The educators looked after us most of the time, I only checked in with mum for meals – BG test and bolus – and bed time.

That was my experience at camp and I loved it.


Fast five questions with Emily

Are you using a pump or on injections?

Insulin pump


My go to hypo treatment is…

½ popper and five rice crackers


When I’m having a hypo I feel…

Shaky and light


The hardest part about diabetes is…

Doing spots – finger pricks – all the time


My biggest wish is…

That the researchers find a cure that doesn’t include needles!

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