Bella was four years old and full of spark so her family were very quick to notice when suddenly she started to behave differently. She became increasingly thirsty and just wasn’t herself.

One morning Bella drank five 250ml bottles of water before 10am… It was then that Bella’s mum knew something was wrong. She took Bella to her GP who tested her blood glucose level and told the family to rush her up to the local hospital.

As soon as they got to the hospital they immediately took Bella through to emergency. Not long after, the doctors came in to tell her parents that Bella had type 1 diabetes. It was very scary and worrying. Her blood glucose level was 36, she was a couple of days away from ketoacidosis.

Life changed for everyone that day – 20 May 2013. It is a date that the family will always remember. Now the family live a ‘new normal’ and they do the best they can while riding the rollercoaster called diabetes.


Fast five questions with Bella

Are you using a pump or on injections?

Insulin pump


My go to hypo treatment is…

Soft lollies and juice


When I’m having a hypo I feel…

Shaky, dizzy and confused


The hardest part about diabetes is…..

Having to wake in the middle of the night to treat a hypo


My biggest wish is…

That I didn’t have diabetes and that type 1 became type none


How cool… Bella’s dad is running a whopping 250km over six days to raise money for diabetes! That’s the same as running up and down a football field 2,500 times!

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