FGX donates generous sum to Diabetes Kids Fund

Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) has donated an incredibly generous sum of $187,165 to Diabetes NSW & ACT’s Diabetes Kids Fund (DKF), in a move that will provide crucial support services for children living with non-preventable type 1 diabetes.

Through their support over the last two years, FGX has enabled the delivery of teacher training to more than 200 professionals in NSW and ACT. The training is critical to the confidence of both the children and staff in schools across the region. The FGX donation has further enabled Diabetes NSW & ACT to launch workshops to educate carers so they can effectively and confidently look after children in their care. These activities will reach 1,600 kids in the next year.

CEO of Diabetes NSW & ACT Sturt Eastwood thanked FGX for its continued generosity and said Diabetes NSW & ACT was honoured to be an FGX-supported charity.

“As someone living with type 1 diabetes I am deeply aware of the issues faced by all those living with the condition. There is so much more that can be done around awareness, education and support across the entire community. If we can change just one life for the better each day, then progress is being made.

“The biggest challenge is always financial. There is never a lack of need, or a lack of passion to do something about the need, but there is always a limit to the resources that can be applied to the issue.

“The support of FGX has been instrumental in the development, growth and success of the Diabetes Kids Fund. The fund has touched so many young lives in ways that will pay dividends to these young Australians for decades to come. The fund has enabled lifelong benefits that would not exist without FGX, and for that we are extremely grateful.”

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