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Our new App - LifeOneD - includes answers to your diabetes related questions

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Diabetes means too much sugar or glucose in the bloodstream.

What is insulin and how it works?

Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that helps our body

BGL testing and monitoring

Testing Blood glucose levels (BGLS) helps you manage your diabetes.

Eating right

Everyone loves food! Food tastes good, food can be fun and food

Insulin pump information

The insulin pump is a small programmable device (about the size of

Hypos, hypers and self-care

A hypo or low BGL happens when your level drops below 4mmol/L

Going to school

Going back to school after you’re told you have diabetes might freak

Being active

There are heaps of reasons why it’s good to be active.

Travelling with diabetes

When you live with diabetes, doing pleasurable things, like travelling becomes even

Family and friends

“Have you done your test?”, “Have you given your insulin?” “Are you

Diabetes health checks

To reduce your risk of long term complications, regular diabetes health checks

Transition to adult diabetes care

As a teenager, you’ll probably find yourself busy juggling things like study,

Alcohol and drugs

Everyone’s heard about the dangers of drinking and we know it’s illegal

Sex and pregnancy

When things get serious in relationships, and you find yourself thinking about

Driving with diabetes

As soon as you’re old enough, you’ll probably be keen to start

Working with diabetes

Lots of teenagers work part time while they’re still at school and

Diabetes camps

Diabetes NSW run four exciting camps per year, each catering to a specific age group, including teens.

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