Q: Why is it important to look after my feet?

A: It is important to have your feet checked for any problems that diabetes may cause.

Healthy feet are very important when you have diabetes. Your doctor or diabetes clinic will tell you when to have your feet checked but a good guide is; when you turn 9yrs old and have had diabetes for 5yrs or, if you are 11yrs old or over and have had diabetes for 2yrs.

Things you can do at home to look after your feet:

  • Wash and dry your feet every day
  • Tell mum or dad or the person that looks after you if your shoes are too small, have any holes or giving you a blister
  • Don’t cut your nails too short and never cut down them down the sides
  • Make sure when you get a new pair of shoes the person fitting your shoes should always measure your foot to get the right size
  • Try to always wear shoes and if you do go bare feet make sure you check your feet for any cuts or scrapes afterwards
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