Missing Meals

For a teenager without diabetes the result of missing meals and eating at unconventional times is most likely hunger pains, mood changes and snacking on junk food. However, for a teenager with diabetes there is the potential for more serious risks such as varying BGLs.

Teenagers usually don’t want to appear to be different from their friends. Those with diabetes may feel resentful that their diabetes management plan interferes with their social life. It’s common for teenagers to experiment with missing injections or varying injection times or food.

This may be the age when multiple injections and/or insulin pens are worth considering. For some teenagers it provides a more flexible way of managing their diabetes for others it may not be the best option. Any changes should be discussed with their doctor, dietitian and diabetes educator.

Mornings are not everyone’s best times and this applies equally to teenagers. Breakfast is important for good nutrition, concentration at school and managing BGLs.

If your teenager doesn’t feel like eating, try some of these ideas for breakfast in a flash.

  • Cereal and low fat milk.
  • Fruit and low fat yoghurt.
  • Toast, such as raisin.
  • Warm muffin.
  • Toasted sandwich.
  • Milo with low fat milk.
  • Crumpet or toast with banana, peanut butter or honey• Fresh or canned fruit.
  • Low fat flavoured milk.
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