Coping from Day to Day

  • Use simple terms and answer questions simply, as they arise.
  • Don’t overload your child with too much information. Give a step by step introduction to tasks. Do one task at a time, and when neither of you is too tired.
  • Acknowledge your child’s feelings especially when they’re frustrated, tired and fed up. Setting limits as you would for your other children is very important. It helps children to feel safe.
  • Children often absorb more than we think – they take in information along the way.
  • Give your child some relief, share injection and blood glucose tasks.
  • Quietly praise your child when they take on any new responsibility.
  • Try not to expect perfection.
  • Children can benefit from you directing them to help express their frustrations.
  • Be positive and give lots of hugs.
  • When your child gets older you can gradually increase responsibility.
  • Watch for things which encourage your child; at home, at school; with friends.
  • Help, support, and supervise your child.
  • Choose a quiet time of the day to start a new task.
  • Remind your child that diabetes is not their fault.
  • Too much responsibility too soon can lead to burnout and poor diabetes care /management.
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