Fast Food

At some time, either during a school outing or after school, your child will be exposed to fast foods. Takeaway outlets offer a variety of foods that are fast, fun and definitely appealing to children. Many of these foods are high in fat and salt and lack fibre; however they can be enjoyed from time to time. The type and amount of carbohydrate and fat are important considerations.

Better Choices Are:

  • Sushi rolls
  • A baked potato with low fat fillings
  • A wrap – filled with lean meat and salad
  • BBQ chicken roll (skip the skin)
  • Regular burger with salad
  • Doner kebab and salad
  • Toasted sandwiches or focaccia
  • Grilled fish and small serve chips
  • Asian stir-fry or noodle dishes
  • Burritos
  • Vegetable based pizzas

Encourage your child to avoid sugary drinks like soft drink or fruit drinks (unless they are having a hypo) and choose plain water as the best everyday drink. Diet soft drink or diet cordial is also suitable occasionally.

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