Camp Information

All camps are fully supervised by trained health professionals, including diabetes nurse educators, dietitians and exercise physiologists. A camp doctor is also onsite for the duration of all camps.

Diabetes NSW run four exciting camps per year, each catering to a specific age group.  Each year we receive many more applications than we have positions available on camps.  Each camp is allocated a coordinator who reviews all applications and preference is given to children who have not been on camp before, are newly diagnosed, live in regional/rural areas and those who have applied but missed out on a place in previous years.

The camping experience provides the chance for children to:

  • meet others with diabetes in a safe and relaxed environment
  • interaction with health professionals
  • be introduced to diabetes education
  • be introduced to the camping concept so that attendance at diabetes camps is seen as a natural progression for the child when they reach the appropriate age.

 For adolescents the experience provides the chance to:

  • interact with other type 1 teens.
  • develop increased diabetes knowledge and skills in a formal and informal environment
  • help prepare the children to cope with future group activities such as school camps away from parental care.
  • offer further diabetes education on insulin (injections/pumps), changing insulin in relation to food and exercise, and dealing with real food choice in real world settings

Diabuddies Camp

A great introductory camp for both the child with type 1 diabetes and a parent or carer. This weekend camp is for children aged 5-9 years and provides education for both parents and children. Parents have the opportunity to attend a series of workshops including pumps, CGMS, schools- how to work with teachers/school staff, weekend sport, carb counting and how diabetes affects the family. Children are provided with an action packed program allowing them to try different sporting activities whilst learning about the highs and lows and carb counting.

Junior Camp

This 3 day camp is for 9-12 year olds with type 1 diabetes and is an ideal place to learn how to do their own injections, start to develop their diabetes self-management skills, and understand more about food and exercise away from the family environment. The camp includes an exciting outdoor activity program which is aimed at building confidence and friendships.

The next junior camp will be in APRIL 2017 – contact us at for further information

Transition Camp

A new camp for 12-13 years olds with type 1 diabetes. This 3 day camp aims at fostering the transition from primary school to high school by developing independence in managing diabetes amongst peers and learning social and life skills.

The next transition camp will be in NOVEMBER 2016 – contact us at for further information

Theme Park Camp

A camp for teenager’s aged 14-17 years with type 1 diabetes. This 5 day camp held on the Gold Coast aims to improve knowledge of type 1 diabetes management in certain planned situations, increase coping and life skills, learning to live and eat away from home and builds and build problem solving skills.

The next theme park camp will be in SEPTEMBER 2016 – contact us at for further information


For more information on camps and dates in NSW visit the Diabetes NSW website.


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