You will probably be very reluctant to let your child out of your sight, but preschool is an opportunity for your child to spread their wings and learn independence (and give you a chance to spread yours).

To take this huge step you must feel comfortable that your child will be safe as well as happy.

Provide your preschool with options for education on diabetes.  This might include a school visit from your local diabetes educator or Diabetes NSW.  If this is not an option you can encourage your preschool to watch the school visit podcast available through Diabetes NSW.

It is essential that you provide one or two hypo kits for staff to store in prominent places. Remember to restock hypo kits regularly.

A photograph of your child placed in the staff room and details of hypo symptoms is advisable. An emergency action poster for hypos next to the photo as a reminder is also a good idea.

Your child should wear some type of diabetes identification chain or bracelet. This habit is a good one to start at a young age as it may encourage them to maintain that habit as they get older.

Pre-school staff may be willing to assist with diabetes related tasks e.g. finger pricks, injections, and insulin pump boluses; however, it is not mandatory for them to do so. Discuss this with the director of the preschool.

If you don’t have access to an educator, some points you may like to raise with your child’s teacher include:

  • If the teacher is unsure if it’s a hypo, they are better off treating it as a hypo.
  • The teacher or carer should not be afraid to re-treat the hypo if your child is not feeling better. A child should not be sent alone to get treatment.
  • The teacher should stay with your child until fully recovered.

The school pack, available from Diabetes NSW, is a useful resource to give to your child’s pre-school. This resource is currently being reviewed and updated – Keep a look out on the Diabetes NSW website for updates.

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