Carbohydrate foods for sport

  • Low fat yoghurt
  • Pack of sultanas
  • Sandwich
  • Low fat flavoured milk
 Dried apricots
  • Fresh fruit

If your child is involved in an endurance/long sport event, they may need extra carbohydrate during and after the event to prevent a low BGL. A carbohydrate containing drink such as fruit juice, regular cordial or even a sports drink is handy, providing both fluid for hydration and carbohydrate for energy.

A hypo kit containing a quickly absorbed carbohydrate and a slow acting carbohydrate food will keep your child going until their next meal (eg. juice plus crackers or jellybeans plus plain biscuits).

Remind your child to check their BGL before and after sport to find out how it is affected by activity.

This helps for sport next time as you’ll have a better idea of what insulin dosage and which foods work best.

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