Birthday parties

Parties are social events often involving a lot of activity and a lot of eating! Despite this, hypos may still occur when enormous amounts of energy are burnt up through games and excitement. Making sure your child gets enough carbohydrate (every three hours or so) to prevent hypos is the main concern.

Your child should be allowed to enjoy the foods offered at the party, including snack foods and birthday cake. Diet soft drinks or cordials can be provided for all the children to enjoy.

If you are not at the party, provide your host or another adult with simple instructions about hypo management and make sure that your child knows what to do if they have a hypo. It’s also important to be aware that the extra activity at parties can lead to delayed hypos so extra supper may be needed.

Birthdays may seem to occur every week but they are not an everyday event and are important in the development of your child’s social skills. So it’s important to let your child join in and have fun!

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